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It was difficult to find car park, but finally we found it near our house.
-Dad! Say to Rodrigo that he stops bitting my arm!

My stupid brother is always getting bitter me the day, he is always doing a lot of things. My brother looks like a three years old boy. The worst, my parents always give him the reason.  I’m fed up.
-María, don't exaggerate, he's only twelve years old.

My mother, Carmen, always told me that if I skip the people that annoy me, they will forget you. But this always isn’t in that way. My father, Antonio, said that the best was say it to anybody more higher.
I don’t know which was the better answer.
-Well  family, We leave the bags and we go to Burguer king to eat. What do you think?
-Yes, because I don’t buy food, Didn’t give me time with the move.
-Great Dad!
-It Seems fine to me, the problem will be María, she will fat more!

My parents had to intervene because we were attracting attencion. They threated us with not go to the theme park. My brother called me fat but I just weigh 49 k.
We ate the hamburguers and we went to the theme park. There was a lot of people, and it was amazing. In my village we hadn’t theme park. Also I will have it close to my home. On the other hand to my brother the theme park was awful, he didn’t like it. He said that it was all for babies.
At ten o’clock we arrived to home. Luckily we already had all picked and clean. The next day started the school so we came early.
The day after I woke up with the loud sound of my alarm, I waited five minutes for clear my head and I dressed. It was at quarter to eight, my brother was already dressed and had breakfast.

-What time you woke up?
-At seven o’clock, I don’t have a fat ass like you!
-Fuck off!
-I’m already on it – He touched me.

I was very nervous. 1º Bachillerato, new schoolmates, new teachers, all new…
I looked my map of the school where I had pointed with a red circle that it would be my class a year. Upon entering, I saw the big class, there were people of many classes. Poshs, Choni, vandals, nerds… But to which group I belonged? I don’t know…
I chose a site in the middle row, because the nerds and posh used to sit in the firsts rows, vandals and chonis used to sit at end.
My mother said me that I was myself and I won’t worry because I will make friends.

-Hi, I’m new here.
Yes, I decided to introduce to a girl who was a little apart from the others and semeed to feel alone.
-Hi – She smiled me, that smile gave me confidence in myself – My name is Laura, Where are you from?
- I’m from a village near of this city, Alagón, Sure you know it.
-Yes, as not, it’s very noted.
- And how you’re alone? Are you new?
-No, I just don’t fit here, Everybody has got a style and a flow which a I don’t fit.
-Well, if you feel better, me neither.

I wanted to change the matter because the conversation was not very comfortable.
-Where do you sit?
-Here! – I pointed.
- Next to mine.
Then the bell rang.
The teacher semeed friendly, she was graduate in maths. Ten minutes after the bell rang she entered, well, they ...
Raquel, a pretty nice girl in sight but with an air of attitude that i didn´t like nothing. She had repeated a grade. She was clearly dyed blonde, honey eyes and a pierced lip and navel. I was wearing a leopard shirt and denim shorts with black high-heeled boots. At first glance you could tell it was the queen bee of all bachillerato (or school), and that made the guys drool at a glance.
-Raquel! here's a site- shouted Leticia (her best friend) -.
Leticia was similar to Raquel, a little taller, darker blond and a tongue piercing. Leticia and Raquel stood three seats further back than me (last row), Raquel in my row and Leticia in the next, they were surrounded by five guys stood.
The bell rang indicating that the class had ended. I ran into my French class, but they stopped me.
-You are the new or not? – Said while she looking at me up and down (Raquel).
-Yes, my name is María.
-Cool! Hey an advice, do not be a friend of Laura.
- How about going on the playground with our group?-Added Leticia.
-Great! I wait at the door of my class.
-Ok What class have you now?
-Ok, will be there, don’t worry.
Then  a boy named Borja called Raquel.
-Hey, I'm go, okay? And don’t worry we will be punctual.

I Was ansious on the first day got me friends,I had just wanted the hours to reconnect with them. The class ended, but they were not waiting, I decided to wait a little longer but nothing.
I Asked and finally the I located in a corner of the hidden recess of teachers with more boys and girls, that if all chonis-canis and thugs to get a bit a smoke clouded me, if they were smoking, but I was alone .
 -Hey, you didn’t come to me.
-Oops, I forgot.- Everybody laughted.
That left me clear many things, soI choose to leave that place.
-One thing María.
I turned excited, thinking I was going to apologize or to stay with them, but no.
- Next time don’t go teaching the napkin, that you left the pocket. I picked it up without you realizing it, while you was speaking with Leticia.
- Really? Thought we were going to be your friends?, But have you seen, girl?

I left without saying anything, I thought I did well but later things did not improve.

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